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Inter-Communities Mutual Assistance Fund

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foster solutions for problems of Community Based Organizations (CBO) and Teacher-Parent Associations (TPA) and financing them, Inter-Communities Mutual Assistance Fund (IMAF) was created in 2004. Its regulations and statutes were approved through discussion, and the Managing Board consisting of 3 people (Chairman, Accountant and Cashier) was elected to manage the Fund.

IMAF was formed under the initiatives of 4 TPAs (Araz, Minkend, Ergyunesh, Khudaferin) and 2 CBOs (Shafag, Kimyachilar-3) from Sumgait city and surrounding areas. IMAF includes monthly membership dues from members of CBOs and TPAs. Currently the Fund has 13 members.

The IMAF has a coordination meeting every month. These meetings are organized within the framework of «Education for Development, Vocational Skills Development of IDPs through Apprenticeship method, Logistical support to the vulnerable IDPs in Azerbaijan» project is being implemented by «Umid» HSSC under financial support of UNHCR.

Every member of CBO and TPA submits its own project proposal to the Fund twice a year to receive financial support. Project proposals are prioritized by their urgency through discussion in coordination meetings, and their coherence is determined. According to their consistency, project proposals are supported by IMAF. More than 24 project proposals have been financed by IMAF so far. Project proposals targeted basic community problems such as potable water provision, rehabilitation of electric and sewerage systems, repair of schools and social-infrastructure problems. The Inter-Communities Mutual Assistance Fund not only tried to solve community problems, but also strengthen community-donor relations and CBOs’ and TPAs’ capacity on project proposal writing and project management.